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Unzip the 'roli_tomb_raider_revelations_the_scion.zip' file into a temporary folder. Copy the files located in the Audio directory into your '...\Core Design\trle\Audio' directory, the files from the Data directory into your '...\Core Design\trle\Data' directory, and the other files into the '...\Core Design\trle' directory and you can start the adventure.


Lara got to know that Natla and her evil companions have once again regained the Scion, so she travels to the island where they are located. Natla has quite many ordeals, so she's not so harmful...


  1. Lara's Home: This is an easy warm-up level. You have to find two switches in order to open the door in the cellar with the Red stone. The skeleton has to be destroyed, because it contains a key. At the end, we leave the level by riding the Quad Bike. There are some missing textures at some places, but I liked the armoured skeleton. Maybe there should be a little more places to walk through, but the level is not bad for a warm-up. The second level has to be selected from the menu. Maybe the two levels could have been linked together, but in this case the second one would be too easy with the already possessed Crossbow. Unfortunately, at the end of the level the game quits to the desktop, so it has to be restarted, now selecting The Scion level.
  2. The Scion: Well, this is a great level already. The development of the author can be clearly seen. He brough many great ideas into it, and the added sounds are great as well. A few textures are still missing at some places, but they don't bring down the adventure. I could find any bugs; Lara didn't get stucked anywhere. The enemies are raptors, spiders, crocodiles, gunmen, and at the end Natla, who is quite impoverished. :) There are three secrets on the level, and they are well hidden. All of them contains weapons, though the game can be completed with using only the default pistols and without using any medipacks as well. The grenades were also great. I was searching for the weapon to launch them for long until it turned out that they can be used singly as they are. :) On our way for finding the Scion we are exploring caves and small lakes. We have to find keys and a cog-wheel, and not in a straight line. If you miss one of them, you have to get back for it. The jeep has also a role, and there's an interesting variant of climbing poles on the level. :) I can only suggest this level. Maybe I have a little soft spot for my compatriot, but considering that he is a 14 years young TR-fan, I'm sure he will still grant us some pleasant minutes, hours in the future. We are waiting for your next adventure, Roli! :)


1. Lara's Home:


Go out of the bedroom. Head left on the chancel, up to the attic, and push the button in the alcove in the wall in front of you. Out on the chancel continue to the left into the music room, and from there to the left again into the library. Pull the book on the bookshelf that justs out.

Now go down to the ground floor and to the left into the treasure room. In the alcove to the right, shoot the vase and pick up the Red Stone. Get back out and at the gym go to the right, down into the cellar, and open the door using the stone.

Run past the armoured skeleton and open the grating using the switch. Inside you can pick up the Crossbow and some ammo for it. Now you can blast the skelly and pick up the Key.

Open the front door in the main hall, then the portal in front of you. Going to the right you will find the Quad Bike. Take it and ride over the water, then jump over the rocks and while driving up on the slope, the level ends.

Unfortunately, at the end of the level the game quits to the desktop, so it has to be restarted, now selecting The Scion level.

2. The Scion:

Secret 1-2-3:


If you turn around and look up, you can see a crackling on the wall. But this is for later, first you have to find a key so that you won't have to come back here. So jump into the water, swim through the pools, then climb out and shoot a raptor. Head to the volcano and on its other side climb up to the top of it. Watch out for the things rolling down on your way. Meanwhile you can talk to old buddies too. On the top shoot out the crate and take out the Key from the small chest. Now go back to the beginning of the level, jump up onto the rock and from there grab the crackling. Shimmy to the left and you can climb through to the next area.

Go along the bridge, but you can see that the door is closed and you key doesn't open it. So you have to find another one. :-) Drop into the water, climb out, but before climbing into the small cave at the waterfall, let's get a secret, so go to the other direction. To the left you can find a medipack and some crocodiles when going to the right. Kill them, and push the block left beside the skeleton. Inside you will find vast of ammo and the Scorpion-X at the first secret. Out on the shore, in front of the totem pole you can pick up the MP5 too. Now bring out the bad guys! :)

Now climb into the small cave located to the right at the waterfall. Drop down of the rock and crawl to the other side, then to the right, and climb up in the last alcove; so you will avoid the poisonous darts. Climb the wall and get past the poisonous darts to the branch on the other side. From there, climb up to the cave and you will find the Key you are searching for. Runjump onto the sloped part and finally open the door at the end of the bridge.

Go through the room; you may do this with jumping all the way so that you suffer less injuries. Kill the spiders and swim through the small lakes once again. Climb out and kill another raptor. Turn around and runjump to the other side of the water. Behind the rocks you can shoot the crate and find the Shotgun and ammo at the second secret. Head back to the other side of the water. Look round carefully, because at the rocks to the left you can find the Cog-wheel in the sand. It is hard to notice; I myself also missed it for the first time. :)

Following your way you will come to another small lake. Climb out to the left, pull the crate out of the way and use your key at the receptacle on the wall to open the door. Be careful when entering, because some of the floortiles will burn you. Head to the right, go round and jump to the rock. Two ropes will appear. Use the to get to the other side, then get to the exit to the right by jumping on the rocks.

Kill two gunmen and place the cog to its place on the wall, to the right. The door to the left opens. Pick up the Grenade that is a single weapon so as it is, so you don't need a laucher for it. Kill another raptor, climb the pillar, shimmy to teh right and climb up to the top. You can get to the other side by using the hang-glider, and after searching the crates over you can find ammo and another Key. Drop down to the rock and go, open also the other door. You have arrived to the camp.

Shoot the gunman, then another one. Get the keys for the jeep from him and get into the car. Jump over the gap, hit the raptor, and stop. Get out of the jeep, climb the palmtree to the top, and a backjump will take you to a passage wher you can find ammo and the Desert Ranger at the third secret. Drop down and drive to the fence. In the small underground passage pick up the ammo, then at the other side kill the gunmen. They will leave ammo and medipacks behind.

In the wall you can find a slope. Slide down, then, when the lasers draw off, run and jump and you will enter the final hall. Kill Natla, who just needs a few bullets from the Desert Ranger to go down. To the right, cross the bloody water and climb the pillar. With a runjump get the edge of the next platform. Don't pull up to the lasers, rather shimmy to the right and jump to the next platform from there.

Get up to the very top, and when you jump to the Scion, the level ends. The game quits to the desktop.

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